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Aluminium Composite Panel
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"INDOBOND Aluminium Composite Panels offer practical design possibilities for satisfying every need of architects, contractors and building owners."
  • - Circular Columns
  • - Window Surrounds
  • - Wall Paneling
  • - Soffits and Beams
  • - Building fascades
  • - Door panels/Frames
  • - Shopfronts/ Signages
Processing of INDOBOND Panels
  • - Cutting
  • - Drilling
  • - Bending
  • - Contour Cutting
  • - Welding
Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers

Why Us?

  • Ultra modern look and excellent flatness can be shaped and formed without any loss of surface integrity.
  • Light weight-reduces both frame loadings and cost of fabrication and installation.
Indobond Aluminium Composite Panel suppliers
Aluminium Composite Panel Indobond
Indobond aluminium composite panels exporter and manufacturer from new delhi Indobond